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Examples of our experience.

Our team members have managed, led, designed, analyzed, and tested both components and systems in various industries.  Here is a concise listing of projects in which our team members have been involved.

Long Duration Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Boiloff

Utilized thermo-fluid modeling and analysis techniques to accurately predict Hydrogen and Oxygen boil-off from a Centaur Upper Stage. Several cases were modeled to validate a baseline model, and to introduce new technologies and methodologies for minimizing propellant boil-off.

Models were built using the conjugate capabilities of GFSSP and were spot-checked with SINDA. The results from the baselined models were validated against known flight and test data with excellent correlation.

Various improvements and enhancements to the Centaur tanks were modeled and analyzed to predict the reduction in boil-off versus the level of effort required to produce the minimized propellant losses. These modifications included the implementation of Variable Density MLI, vapor cooling channels, avionics heat mitigation, and enhanced forward, intermediate, and aft bulk head geometries.

Fuel Turbopump Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis

Provided integrated multidisciplinary modeling and analyses to determine life expectancy of Fuel Turbopump Nozzle Vanes.

This was an all encompassing, highly integrated, designing, modeling, analyzing, and testing effort.

  • Fluid, Thermal, and Structural models were created and integrated with ANSYS, PATRAN, SINDA, GFSSP, and SGCI.
  • Transient thermo-fluid analyses were performed on the Nozzle and Housing to verify significant temperature differences between nozzle and housing.
  • A FLUENT model of Nozzle flow was created and analyzed to verify GFSSP system-level calculations.
  • Collaboration and integration with Structures was ensured throughout
  • Structural analysis was performed to determine stress / strain ranges of nozzle geometry and to predict life expectancy of nozzle vanes.

J-2X Upper Stage Liquid Rocket Engine

Provided engineering expertise and support for development of J-2X liquid rocket engine under development for NASA’s manned spaceflight program. Along with managing requirements and specifications, our members performed analysis for system and component level projects.

Fuel and Oxidizer Turbopumps on J-2X Liquid Rocket Engine

    Mode Technology members provided multidisciplinary support and analysis for both the J-2X Fuel and Oxidizer Turbopumps. Our members developed and analyzed structural, thermal, fluid, and turbomachinery integrated models using ANSYS, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ABAQUS, SINDA, HYPERMESH, FLUENT, and other in-house software tools. We also developed various software tools to integrate and automate analyses and to translate and modify data and inputs. Several projects that our members supported were:

  • 360 Degree Forced Response Analysis with Mapped CFD Data
  • Analytical Dynamic Model Calibration
  • Critical Combustibility Hazard Analysis
  • Helium Failure Analysis
  • High Cycle Fatigue Analysis
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis and Life Predictions
  • Pump and Turbine Fracture Mechanics Analysis
  • Thermo-Fluid Secondary Flow Analysis

Ares V Base Heating and Ablation

Provided analytical and project support to the ARES V Technical and Project teams.

The Ares V Core Stage was modeled and then parametrically analyzed for various configurations, and for various Thermal Protection System materials.

Design, structural, aerothermal, ablation, and thermal analysis were iterated to provide material and design recommendations.

Altair Lunar Lander

System Level Design and Analysis of propulsion system for the Altair Lunar Lander through all mission phases including, Trans-Lunar Coast, Lunar Orbit Insertion, Low Lunar Orbit, and Descent.

Modeling of the propulsion system was followed by multiple analysis and design recommendation tasks such as engine chill-down, radiator and heater requirements, and in-space positioning requirements.

SINDA/GFSSP Conjugate Integrator (SGCI) Software Package

SGCI allows for the seamless integration between SINDA and GFSSP models for conjugate thermo-fluid analysis and redefines current analysis methodologies for thermal and fluid analysis. SGCI includes complete visual integration with the MSC PATRAN modeler, and decreases thermal and fluid modeling and analysis time by factors of one hundred or more.

The use of SGCI is advantageous in systems such as turbomachinery, main propulsion systems, radiators, cryogenic tanks and lines, and any application involving a strong interaction between the fluid and solid components of the system. SGCI allows users to simulate steady-state, quasi-steady and fully transient thermo-fluid interactions.